For the eleventh quarter in a row, Western Australia continues to be the most affordable state to live in, according to the latest Real Estate Institute of Australia’s Housing Affordability Report.

REIWA President Damian Collins said the findings of the report revealed affordability in WA’s housing and rental markets was still at the best levels we have seen in many years.

“The March quarter was an unusual one for the entire nation due to COVID-19, however it’s pleasing to see that WA has remained the most affordable state, while seeing prices and rents holding and not falling significantly, as was predicted by many early on,” Mr Collins said.

Rental market

“According to the Housing Affordability Report, the proportion of family income required for tenants to pay their rent in WA was only 16.6 per cent in the March quarter 2020.

“This is significantly below other states where it reached as high as 30.5 per cent. WA remains the cheapest of all states and territories to rent a home.”

Sales market

For those looking to buy their first home, the proportion of family income required to meet home loan repayments was 25 per cent in the March quarter 2020.

“With interest rates on home loans as low as 2.5 per cent, even taking out a $400,000 loan could cost less than $200 per week, which is cheaper than renting in many cases.” Mr Collins said.

Overall, affordability improved across the nation as red-hot markets in Sydney and Melbourne cool, although in New South Wales homeowners still pay an average of 42.5 per cent of their family income on home loan repayments – significantly more than West Australians do.

“While the dream of home ownership remains a challenge on the East Coast, it’s very much alive and well in WA, as our rents and home values are the most affordable of all the states,” Mr Collins said.

More information

“If you are in a financial position to get into a home of your own to rent or buy, there has rarely been a better time, so make sure to reach out to your local REIWA agent for more information.”

Read the media release from REIA on the latest Housing Affordability Report which includes information on the other states and territories.

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